Process Publication
ARIS-based Process Publication

The Challenge

Business procedures affect everyone. The first activities in your BPM project have been completed, but….


How will the business processes be communicated to employees?


How do I avoid Excel or Visio for the further processing of business process information?


How do I automate the creation of process documentation in a user friendly form?

Our experts support you with everything around ARIS process publication

Make use of social media in order to publish your processes with ARIS Connect and to work on them and optimize them together with your team.

Use mobile end devices to expand your BPM platform with ARIS Mobile Apps.

Create access to roll-based portals with ARIS Publisher, over which information to processes and IT architecture is easily and clearly available.


Always informed

Through the integration of process information in our publication solutions we ensure that all employees have targeted access to the process descriptions relevant to them.



Company layout and individual adaptations guarantee transparent process communication in your company.


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