Business Process Analysis – Long-term protection of your competitiveness

We offer the continual analysis, optimization and documentation of the nerve pathways of your company – processes. This means you can provide your customers with products and services more efficiently and quicker than your competition and react flexibly to changes in market requirements. And all this means the long-term protection of your competitiveness.

You will be able to

  • plan your company results.
  • have an exact overview of the processes in your company
  • know all your responsiblities
  • develop a unique sales proposition

The procedures in your company will be made as efficient as possible, costs will be reduced and at the same time the satisfaction of your customers will be increased.

Those who in the analysis of things are concerned only with avoiding disrepute for their own words are unable to muster the strength to think things through.


– Helmut Schmidt, Former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Scheer is efficiency

We offer professional services covering all aspects of ARIS and BPM and, as an experienced partner, are there to support you during the enhancement, renewal or integration of your business process management platform. Build on 30 years of experience and proven methodology in order to reach your goals.

Continual increase in performance
Determine the maturity level of your company and your processes, e.g. in accordance with PEMM
Implementation of changes in company strategy / organization
Implementation of quality management, e.g. ISO – 9000ff.
Effective company controlling, e.g. process cost calculation, balanced scorecard etc.

Dr. Andreas Kronz

Head of BPM Professional Services

Scheer GmbH
Uni-Campus Nord
66123 Saarbrücken

T +49 681 96777-618