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  • Process optimization

    Process optimization

    Use Case for Process Mining

    Process model as an ideal image of business

    Process models are meant to seamlessly document an ideal process and provide a uniform view of a process flow.

    However, does this ideal image correspond to reality?

    Deviating reality

    Operational business is influenced to a large extent by unforeseen events and activities that have gradually become routine over time. To optimize and adjust processes, examining real-world scenarios is essential.

    Business processes must be analyzed

    Using Process Mining – Scheer's technology for big data analysis – you can reconstruct and analyze all the variants of your process flow. With the help of digital evidence such as indicators, timestamps, and activities, you can visualize images, patterns, facts, and numbers.

    Adjust your business processes

    On the basis of the actual process at hand, problem-based steps can be identified and adjusted. Absolute transparency enables you to minimize risks and increase efficiency.

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