New business models and solution architectures

Omni-channel commerce – the most important trend in the years to come

48% of retailers will be carrying out digitization projects in the next two years. We are experiencing a development towards omni-channel commerce. Retailers are facing particular challenges: in particular with changes, brought about by digitization, from the classic seller’s market to a market in which the customer and consumer are the centre of attention. These days, customers are demanding a seamless shopping experience, designed around them, across and beyond all channels and touch-points.

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Develop innovative business models with the Scheer approach to digital transformation

Based on wide ranging expertise in processes and technology, as well as 15 years’ experience in e-commerce business, innovative business models for the entry into, and expansion of, omni-channel commerce are developed together with our customers.

Companies that decide to invest in e-commerce and the related business models face the challenge of preparing for it in a structured and well-founded way.

The Scheer GmbH approach to digital transformations has proven itself in practice. Within the framework of this approach we see ourselves as a discussion and sparring partner for companies so that together we can develop a sustainable e-commerce business model.


The objective is to develop a roadmap for the company which shows with which products, which target groups over which channels will be targeted, and above all in which commercial dimensions a start should be made and how the solution can be viably scaled over the time horizon. Because: an entry into e-commerce doesn’t just represent a financial challenge – it is possible that the entire company organization may need to change.


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