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EU-General Data Protection Regulation

What is it?

Since 25th May 2018 the EU–General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) is in effect. It regulates the way how companies and authorities handle personal data and replaces the EU Data Protection Directive from 1995. The requirements of the EU-GDPR must be implemented or else there is a threat of severe fines. The regulation is comprised of a multitude of new duties concering information and documentation which must be considered in the data processing.

The focus of the GDPR lies on the  strengthening of the users‘ (data subjects‘) rights concerning the usage and storage of their data. It is mandatory to discern which data is concerning the user, how it is handled and where it is used. This data needs to be analysed and a directory of procedures on the handling of the data needs to be created.

This is how we help you implement the new regulations:

Our portfolio includes the analysis of your data and business processes and the mutual development of a EU-GDPR strategy. We develop a directory of processes, data and procedures and create a roadmap for the technical and organisational implementation of the defined measures. Together with you we implement those measures and support you in the training and sensitisation of your employees concerning the new regulations and necessary processes. However we do not offer legal advice on this subject.


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