Master Data Management

Efficient Master Data Management is one of the most important prerequisites for successful digitization, forms the basis for sound management decisions, ensures competitive advantages and is the basis for flexible implementation of future business models.

Is Master Data Management an issue in your corporate and IT strategy? Have you already recognized the growing importance of sustainably maintained master data for your business processes?

What is Master Data Management?


All operational and strategic activities and processes that deal with the collection, maintenance and use of master data

  • Which master data do I need and why?
  • How do I represent certain master data in a system?
  • How do I link this master data?
  • Which applications should be supported?
  • How do I avoid redundancies in the master data?


Methods for continuous maintenance and optimization of master data quality

  • How do I determine the quality of the master data?
  • How do I improve the master data (“Make it clean”)?
  • How do I ensure the quality of the master data (“Keep it clean”)?


 IT Support

  • Which systems are used and which possibilities do they offer?
  • Are master data managed centrally or locally and should this be changed?
  • Which IT support is necessary to support the corporate strategy in the long term?

Are you well prepared for the changes made by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)?

Since May 25, 2018, all companies and institutions have been required to implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation for data protection compliance and to sufficiently and demonstrably take into account the requirements within SAP and other systems. We inform you about the special effects for your company!

Why Master Data Management?

  • Only reports and analyses based on high-quality master data enable sound management decisions
  • Increase productivity through efficient business processes
  • Satisfied customers e.g. by reducing error rates
  • Cost and time savings in master data processing through clearly defined responsibilities
  • Easy and efficient fulfillment of internal and external data requirements

Our Service Portfolio

MDM Assessment

How does my company compare in Master Data Management?

Consideration of all MDM dimensions and their dependencies: processes, data, organization, culture, IT architecture, governance

Easy entry into complex topic:

Stringent top-down approach and clear prioritization of scale and level of detail

Flexible approach:

Can be used for every MDM maturity level and can be repeated at any time and thus can also be used as a controlling instrument

Definition of an MDM strategy and development of an MDM roadmap

Develop a strategy based on

  • MDM assessment
  • Corporate Strategy

Creating an MDM roadmap

  • considering parallel projects
  • with short, medium and long term goals
  • Prioritized according to strategic relevance, criticality and framework conditions

Individual combination of individual activities and action packages

Process-based implementation of MDM / MDG strategies

  • Design of processes for maintenance and monitoring of master data
  • Creating Business Blueprint
  • Selection of suitable tools
  • Roll-out strategy
  • Coordination and support of the implementation

SAP core competencies

  • Introduction of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Business partner consolidation
  • Implementation of SAP MDG solutions for the objects Business Partners, Materials and Finances

SAP Master Data Governance

SAP MDG is a product of SAP with a multi-domain approach to Master Data Management and Master Data Governance. It enables both the controlled, form-based and workflow-supported creation of master data objects as well as the sustainable consolidation of their data as a “golden record” in a separate staging area.


Why is Scheer the right partner for you?

Holistic View / Multidimensional View

Proven process-oriented approach

Development of individual MDM strategies

SAP S/4HANA Best Practice Processes and Benchmarking for MDM

Technical competence (SAP MDG)

to re-think your processes?

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