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Time Management (PT)

Integrated time recording and requirements planning

Time Management covers the planning, entry, evaluation, and documentation of work performance and absences of internal and external employees. SAP Time Management offers you various methods for recording the time data for your employees' working time and tasks, , dependent on the technical requirements. They range from centralized recording by time administrators in the HR department and decentralized recording by employees in the relevant specialist departments to fully automated posting of working times through external time recording subsystems, which are connected to the SAP system via interface. It is also possible to delegate the task of time recording to your employees, using the employee-self-service applications. This increases your efficiency and enables you to focus on your core business. Independently of the selected method, you can capture time data as points in time (times of the day) or time periods (hours). Here, as well, you are not tied to any specific concept and can vary the method according to operational requirements.

Your Benefits and Features

Your benefits

  • Integration with other SAP modules such as Personnel Administration, Payroll, and Time Management
  • Option to use standardized or customized time statements
  • Standardized reporting options
  • Efficiency increases through maintenance via ESS/MSS
  • Prompt reaction to changes due to illness, for example
  • Easy data maintenance through user-centric interfaces
  • Highly flexible application supports the implementation of new working time concepts
  • User-selectable scope of functions


  • Planning, recording, evaluation, and documentation of work performance and absences of employees (internal/external)
  • Centralized/decentralized recording of working times
  • Provision of planning data to other SAP applications
  • Transfer of information to business processes
  • Global mapping of non-exempt/operational working time regulations and legal requirements
  • Individual adjustment to company-specific requirements


Time Evaluation

With SAP Time Evaluation, personnel times are checked, classified, and evaluated automatically.

This enables the management of working time accounts, checks of working time provisions, and the formation of wage types to determine gross wages.


The data is made available to SAP HR Payroll or to an external payroll accounting service. The application guarantees efficient evaluation of the recorded times and also provides a check of individual operational and non-exempt working time regulations. The application can handle even complex legal regulations without problems.

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