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Personnel administration

Management of HR data and master data

Scheer supports you with the optimization of your master data management and with a deletion concept for personal data. Additional simplifications in business processes, for example, through workflows and HR Robotics, let you capture further potential for improvement – after all, having a clear overview of your master data and business processes was critical long before the advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your Benefits and Features

Your benefits

  • Efficient data entry through predefined sequences (personnel actions)
  • Additional time savings through fast entry options
  • Automatic plausibility check during data entry
  • Simplified data analysis through a large selection of standard reports
  • Integration of printed documents via SAP ArchiveLink


  • Comprehensive management of your personnel data in a single system
  • Clear structuring of the master data in infotypes
  • Complete data history for every employee
  • Accelerated processes through defined workflow scenarios


Simple data entry

Personnel actions are predefined sequences in the system for personnel administration processes that occur regularly.

A typical example is the hiring of a new employee. When this action is started, the system automatically guides the user through all the necessary infotypes, in which the required input fields are logically structured.

For cases where time is of the essence, SAP offers you fast entry of actions, in which only the input fields that are absolutely necessary are shown.

Clear structure

Infotypes are a special feature of SAP HCM and are not defined in any other area of the SAP ERP system. Basically, infotypes are logical combinations of input fields. Content-related or logically related information is combined to create specific infotypes. This simplifies data entry, as well as subsequent searches.

In addition, infotypes enable you to store data with temporary validity. You can use an infotype to model a name change due to marriage, for example, to delimit the original data record on a fixed date and then activate a new record. Since the records are limited by time, they remain intact in the system, enabling a traceable chronology for the employee.

Your expert

A portrait of Scheer employee Viktor Hardt

Viktor Hardt

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