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  • HR Robotics and Mobile

    HR Robotics and Mobile

    Robotic Process Automation

    Digitalization and automation of HR processes

    Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to free up your employees from monotonous, time-consuming routine activities.

    Use mobile apps to make internal workflows, request and approval processes, and many other processes much simpler and more flexible.

    Lower your process costs, improve process quality, and increase motivation and productivity among your employees.

    We find individual solutions that enable you to free up your employees from tedious and time-consuming tasks. For example, in the following areas:

    • Check, matching, and data capture through Robotic Process Automation
    • Mobile apps for employees
    • Parsing of documents
    • Request and approval processes with full integration via mobile app
    • Digitalization of forms and printed documents
    • Increasing productivity in HXM
    • Agile use of the platform, on-premise or in a data center

    Your benefits through HR Robotics and Mobile

    • Automate your HR processes to achieve significant efficiency gains for all employees
    • Visualization and integration of workflows for employees via app
    • Simple smartphone photos or scans make time-consuming data entry obsolete, as data entry is automated through optical character recognition (OCR) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Elimination of manual processes and routine activities
    • Digitalization of forms and files
    • Complete integration with SAP, Office and third-party systems
    • Customized user interface and personalized cockpit
    • Customized evaluations and dashboards in real time

    Use cases in HR

    • Document parsing based on OCR and RPA
    • Automation of manual administration and entry processes
    • Mobile apps for employees
    • Automation of data entry
    • References
    • Travel expenses processes
    • Training management
    • Application processes
    • Report portfolios for trainee management
    • Data privacy
    • Procurement requests
    • Ideas Management
    • Quality Management
    • Product development
    • Employee performance reviews
    • Leave request
    • Onboarding

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