Internet of Things
Digitization and interlinking of supply chains, materials and machines

The Revolution starts with Processes – IT and Business becoming one.

New information and communications technologies, led by the internet (internet of things) are merging, amongst other things, with automation and production technologies. Although the focus of Industry 4.0 has often been singularly aimed at factory automation, in the course of the digital transformation new added value processes and business models with new products and services are being created in all significant industrial operations processes. The company wide and comprehensive intelligent interlinking of all things involved in processes (employees, products, materials and machines) makes possible the availability of real-time information and supports with this the self-organizing dynamic supply chain.

  • Identification and prioritization of strategic action points
  • Definition of the relevant supply chains
  • Initial evaluation of digital potential
  • Analyse the relevant processes
  • Identification of opportunities and risks
  • Definition of E2E3 process scenarios
  • Evaluation of business model impact and prioritizing of measures
  • Aggregation of project measures
  • Development of the business case for projects
  • Project roadmap and portfolio
  • Implementation of defined measuures
  • Implementation of technical transformation measures e.g. Scheer PAS, SAP, ARIS, etc.

Industry 4.0 is the systematic further development of the Y-CIM model

Since the 1980s Scheer has been engaged with the integration of planning and control processes and primarily technically oriented production tasks within the framework of computer integrated manufacturing (Y-CIM model from Prof. Dr. Scheer). However, due to the not yet mature information technologies then available, integration possibilities were very limited. Today, these concepts are being addressed again and realised with new technologies. Production flexibility and increasing product individualization through Industry 4.0 is impacting on manufacturing strategy. The transition from customer anonymous to customer order specific manufacturing through automation is possible in the sense of “mass customization”.


Processes are in focus

Those without their processes and data under control, should first improve before further process automation is undertaken. Scheer supports you with the analysis of the maturity level of your processes and IT and optimizes your processes and data with lean management principles as well as methods for business process and master data management.


Technology not at any price

Create customer added value and don’t chase after every technology. Compared to the classic transformation approach it is not enough to analyse your company’s internal value creation alone. Digital potential is created out of the interplay between customers, suppliers and the internal view. We create a win-win situation for all participants.


The time factor is decisive

Realize your individual Industry 4.0 prototypes with the further digitization of process and product information and, with this, optimize or enhance existing business models with the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies. “Speed is the key” – our methods, best practices and IT technologies help you achieve a quick return on investment.


Become faster and more agile

Scheer PAS helps you with the definition of processes up to the quick and agile implementation of smart I4.0 applications or a digital blueprint which can be a significant accelerator for the conception and coordination of all participants in the realization of an SAP HANA IoT solution. A major success factor in this is our partner network.


Increase data security

Data security is not only the responsibility of the IT department. In order to successfully defend oneself against cyber-attacks, for example with a completely interconnected production set-up, the implementation of data security in a company must be the responsibility of senior management. Include our IT specialists and raise awareness amongst your employees, customers, partners and suppliers.


Build on your capabilities

Digital transformation requires of your employees new capabilities in the conception and realization of Industry 4.0 solutions. Scheer helps you in this with analysis methods (incl. Digitize your Business, design thinking, business canvass), IT solutions (incl. Scheer PAS, SAP HANA IoY, MES) and sector specific case studies from research and industry.


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