Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

…even if a disaster occurs, your IT landscape will remain almost seamlessly available to you in our fail-safe twin-core data centre in Germany. have absolute flexibility. You use the benefits of our cloud services and are able, at any time, to book further resources, flexibly and at short notice.

.. you concentrate on your core business while we look after your IT landscape. System landscapes are becoming ever more complex through increasing requirements and a wide range of functionalities. Topics such as security, availability and compliance are looked by us. Our experts are available to you at any time.

…your business processes are in safe hands with us. Our many certifications confirm this.

Flexible and secure hosting solutions

Do you have a complex IT landscape and feel exposed to increasing security and compliance requirements? Do you lack sufficient resources for new topics as well?

We view ourselves as equal partners for quality-oriented and simultaneously cost-sensitive medium-sized companies. We offer “Cloud services made and done in Germany”! For more than 15 years we have looked after our customers’ SAP and ARIS systems in our own certified and highly secure data centres.

Cloud Services “made and done in Germany”

Concentrate on your core business and we will look after your IT and partner with you in reaching your objectives. You can use the benefits of our cloud services and book extra resources flexibly at any time. Our 24 x 7 support experts help you with all technical questions so that you can make optimal use of your SAP solution.

Managed Cloud as a Service (MCaaS)

Alongside pure cloud services for IaaS or SaaS we focus on fully managed services. We create breathing space for you to work on the strategic enhancement of your systems. In addition to pure SAP or ARIS solutions we look after your other software solutions such as, for example, the Microsoft Core infrastructure, Citrix and archiving (EasyArchive, IXOS, etc.).

Remote Services

If your data centre and IT infrastructure are already at the cutting edge of technology and you need support looking after your systems, then we can offer you our remote services. We include your systems in our monitoring and take over their complete running along with the support process. This relieves the pressure on your IT department and makes it possible for you to assign resources to your most important IT projects.

Implementation Hosting

We offer you flexible IT project systems for use over short periods. This way you can concentrate fully on your IT projects without, in this phase, having to think of IT investments or outsourcing. We provide hosting services for projects of any duration. After the project has ended, we offer you the continued hosting of your systems in our data centre along with our reliable services.


Robert Müller

Head of Infrastructure & Operations

Scheer GmbH
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