The leading conversion technology for more e-commerce revenue

With FACT-Finder®, the leading conversion technology for more revenue in e-commerce, we have found a strong partner for the topics of search, navigation and merchandizing which can enable average increases in revenues of 15-25%.


Onsite Search

In online shops what matters is to offer customers high levels of usability and this way to increase the conversion rate. Every accelerator in the sales process helps turn more visitors into buyers.

Faceted Navigation

Customers primarily follow two strategies to find the right products in an online shop. The first way is via the search box, the second via navigation – going ever deeper into you shop’s offering.


With the right technical conditions you can easily create attractive brand environments, themed pages or landing pages. This not only keeps your customers for longer in the shop, it demonstrably motivates them to buy.

Onsite Search

Error tolerant search

With FACT-Finder®, error tolerant search is available to you. Show relevant results instead of “0 results”.

Problem Gesucht Gefunden
Typing Error



Other terms





Digtial Camera

Wet Dry Cleaner



Formal Wear


Seat Group

Leather Jacket

Digital Camera

Wet-/Dry Cleaner



Evening Dress

Mobile Phone

Seat cushion group

Jacket with brown leather

Self-learning suggest functions and optimization of search results

    • Through the suggest function the user receives suggestions for possible items during the search term input, including pictures, item name and other information. This leads the customer faster towards the right item.
    • Through the self-learning function the suggestions most often chosen will be ranked higher in subsequent results.
    • From previous searches the system learns which items have the most probable relevance in order to show these at the top of the list.
    • Results can be influenced by your own criteria such as campaign, popularity, margin and other factors.

Faceted Navigator

  • With general search terms such as „trainers“, a high number of suggestions can result. Through the after search navigation additional filters such as brand, price, colour and size can be used.
  • When presenting results FACT-Finder® takes into account individual shop requirements such as stockholding, campaigns, top sellers or season.
  • Use FACT-Finder’s® own shop navigation as your central navigation – this way you can define at which point, which filters are available.
  • FACT-Finder® expands the navigation automatically with new categories.

Merchandising functions for online retailers

  • Increase your cross-selling and up-selling with themed pages which you can define easily with virtual categories using the FACT-Finder® campaign manager.
  • FACT-Finder® supports you when creating brad environments and interest based landing pages. Depending on the keyword used, the appropriate products or banners can be shown in your shop.
  • Through the definition of ranking rules you can choose with items rank highest in your search results. This way you can choose which items your customer should focus on.
  • Make use of user behaviour on your site in order to show the right recommendations. High levels of accuracy will increase acceptance and conversion rates.

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