Easy Remote Everything | Cloud Productivity | Modern Workplace as a Service

Anytime, anywhere, any device – productivity!

Regardless of where your employees are – now they can work securely and productively without delays, independently of location. Automating processes relieves employees’ workloads at the right places.

Cost Savings and Transparency

No more cost-intensive and technical preparations are necessary. Transparent and timely cost models (such as pay-as-u-go models & subscriptions) keep all costs in view and under control.

Employee Satisfaction

Dissolve rigid workplace structures and create space for individual requirements. Integrate employees and promote their long-term and satisfied loyalty to the company.

War for Talents

Today’s applicants take a critical look not only at company cars and salaries, but also at the equipment of their workplace. Here a company can already shine with the latest tools in the initial interviews.

Let us join you in designing your workplace of the future!

As a multiply certified Microsoft Partner, we’ are the right contact when it comes to cloud productivity, and we will help you in finding the optimal solution and strategy for your company. You do not have to worry about your data security. We will safeguard your data and ensure fulfillment of the General Data Protection Regulation, Cloud Act and compliance requirements!

Microsoft Azure 

Azure is the cloud platform from Microsoft. It enables customers to provide and manage applications and services (computing, storage, AppFabric, virtual network, content delivery network (CDN)) through the worldwide Microsoft network – openly, fast and flexibly.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, you can provide a standardized, up-to-date and platform-independent Office system (including tools) to your employees. This not only increases productivity through fast and standardized communication, but also facilitates cooperation by a multiple factor. Various plans offer a range of need-based licensing options.

Microsoft Teams

With Teams, employees can work on projects across locations and departments. Smart task management is provided, progress reports can be inspected and all relevant data can be stored. In addition, Microsoft Teams serves as a full-fledged tool for messaging and calling (IM, VOIP, video). Teams also allows inviting external partners to cooperate on projects, thereby enabling collaborative work. The corresponding licenses are already included in the Microsoft E3 and E5 license models.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a dedicated service for desktop and application virtualization or provision. WVD fully runs in the cloud. WVD comprises the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with simple administration, multiple sessions in Windows 10, optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus and support for RDS environments. The corresponding licenses are already included in the Microsoft E3 and E5 license models. Only the costs of the instances in Azure need to be paid. Features for security and compliance are integrated in Azure.