Cutting edge technology

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to your business processes and data if your data centre malfunctions and how quickly your IT systems will be back online?

Our twin core data centre is designed as an active-active solution. The data centres are linked by a redundant dark fibre connection and separated from each other geographically. This concept enables the transparent switching of applications between the data centres as, at both locations, the data is mirrored using synchronous I/O.  This way, should a disaster occur, we can re-start your systems immediately, without a slow restoration procedure.

Naturally, our data centres have security staff, emergency power supplies including a diesel generator, fire alarms and fire extinguishers (Novec) as well as redundant air conditioning.

High performance and secure network
In order to offer you the best and fastest service we rely on a complete 10GBit Ethernet network infrastructure based on Cisco Nexus. In both data centres we run multiple redundant switches with up to 1 TBit of bandwidth. Alongside the network we employ a multi-layered firewall security concept with Cisco ASA and Checkpoint firewall components that protect your systems from attack.

Server and virtualization
For our virtualization concept we rely on the market leader VMware with vSphere and this way achieve 99.9% service availability. Our virtualization runs on server systems from IBM, Cisco and Dell. This way we can provide customer individual workloads that go beyond normal levels. Our operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Enterprise Storage
We rely on certified and high performance system components. As one of the first data centres worldwide we run IBM SVC storage mirroring in stretched cluster mode and, alongside classic IBM storage systems such as IBM DS and IBM Storwize, also utilize components from NetApp. In our SAN we rely on Brocade 16GBit and Cisco Nexus 10Gbit FCOE.

For their back-up solution our customers can choose between a disk-to-disk-to-tape or disk-to-tape solution based on IBM Tivoli TSM with complete integration in common database solutions such as Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2 and SAP HANA.


Robert Müller

Head of Infrastructure & Operations

Scheer GmbH
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