Digitization in medium sized businesses

Time to make it easy!

The economy is becoming digital – and at breakneck speed. The Internet of Things is turning everything on its head: manufacturing, product development, logistics and also entire sectors, such as retail. This is great news for medium sized businesses! The winners will be those who develop new ideas before their competitors and those who fully exploit new opportunities coming out of big data, cloud computing and mobile IT.

Our proposal for digital transformation in medium sized businesses: time to make it easy!


Industry 4.0

Bring individuality to the consumer with Industry 4.0 and increase long term customer loyalty – for example via the production of products in minimal quantities at a cost comparable to that of mass-production. Increase the difference between you and your competition – for instance through the availability of a user friendly product configurator and the correct automated data transfer to the manufacturing system.

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Retail 4.0

The classic retail outlet is developing towards becoming a market in which the customer is at the centre of all activity. Give better advice with Retail 4.0 – for instance through the use of virtualized product information at the point of sale. Or make faster decisions with the help of big data and truly real-time forecasts that help build stable customer relationships with individual customer care and support across all sales channels.


University 4.0

Universities also need to face up to trends in digitization. The internet has become a core element of research due to the huge amount of electronic reference material available. With University 4.0 – the transformation into a digitized university – you are ready for the intense competition in national and international education.



With SAP S/4 HANA you can create the basis for new business models – faster, simpler and better. For example with SAP Simple Finance you can generate transaction data in real time, use individual items as the single source for operations reports and avoid data redundancy in your database.

With „Digitize your business“, Scheer GmbH has developed an approach with which the potential of new digital business models can be identified and concrete areas of activity can be identified. We would be happy to support you in its implementation and in the process transformations that follow.


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