SAP Mobile and SAP UX

Mobile Processes: the Challenge

Hardly any trend has made a greater change on information technology than the use of the internet with smartphones and tablets. Within just a few years, many people have become used to the ability to access worldwide databases at any time, even outside their own four walls. This trend is also not stopping at company processes: data from SAP systems, thus far used mainly in the back office, can now be made available easily and economically on mobile end-devices. Mobile solutions in the areas of customer and order management, warehouse management and servicing and maintenance have been available for years and continue to be developed further and optimized. The trend is however going even further: mobile solutions are reaching the factory floor and allow greater efficiency and transparency in production procedures through the display of machine and personnel utilization data, cockpits for factory and shift managers as well as dashboards for management.

Economic mobile solutions with SAP Mobile

With SAP Gateway data from SAP systems is made available for mobile users securely and economically. As a partner working closely with SAP we worked together with them on the development of this technology and in 2012 published the worldwide first partner-app: the Craftsmen solution. In the meantime we have successfully implemented numerous customer projects with SAP Gateway, amongst others the mobile sales solution for the Caribbean rum producer Angostura.

Angostura Mobile Sales – Field salesforce app with connectivity to SAP ERP

  • Offline customer list
  • Offline product catalog with product photos
  • Custom-specific prices
  • Shopping basket
  • Mobile recording of orders with signature
  • Overview sales order
  • Collection of open payment (encashment)
  • Document printing via Bluetooth
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Synchronization with SAP ERP (customer, products, prices, assignments, bills)

Scheer Mobility Solution

Based on SAP Gateway, we have developed the Scheer Mobility Solution: an inexpensive mobile entry-level solution with full flexibility through individual apps. Through the use of standard interfaces the solution is future-proof and makes data from SAP systems available offline and mobile. The technology can be integrated easily into existing and future projects with SAP Fiori User Experience (UX).

Mobile solutions with SAP Fiori

Alongside the Scheer Mobility Solution for individual apps we also support you with the implementation of the numerous SAP Fiori apps already available in the SAP Standard.



We support you with the design and optimization of your CRM processes and show you how sales, service and marketing can be more effectively controlled.


We implement SAP CRM and SAP Cloud for you so that you benefit from a complete solution that integrates perfectly into your existing SAP ERP system landscape.


With mobile solutions we show you how you can supply your field salesforce with the right information at any time.


Interdisciplinary project teams support you with the integration of your SAP CRM / C4C solution with SAP ERP and SAP BI systems. Our sector experts offer you solutions tailored exactly to your company profile.


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