SAP Fiori

The comprehensive design system for enterprise software

Personalized and simplified user interface – consistent, integrative and intelligent.

SAP Fiori is the modern look from SAP and stands for user interfaces that are appealing in design and simple to use. Personalise and simplify the experience of your users and make mobile, quick access to your processes possible in SAP S/4HANA.

Where can SAP Fiori be used?

Fiori is an application with responsive design, meaning that the display adapts automatically to the device. This way the usability on devices such as tablets, smartphones and also desktop PCs in guaranteed, in the meantime a must for a modern ERP system. The system requirements for the deployment of SAP Fiori are described further below.


What benefits does SAP Fiori offer?

Intuitive use, no training effort, fewer SAP skills needed than in traditional transactions, a user experience comparable with consumer apps, etc.

The list of Fiori’s positive attributes is long. Users are familiar with the use of mobile devices and therefore quick solutions that significantly increase process efficiency are available through apps provided by SAP or ones developed internally. Through optimized user interfaces reductions in input errors and misunderstandings in comparison with the complex dialogues in the standard SAP GUI can be achieved. The business case pays off in this situation very quickly as the move to SAP Fiori for companies using SAP does not come with much expense.

What makes SAP Fiori so user friendly?

The central SAP Fiori Launchpad greets the user with a role-based, personalized and well organised interface. Tasks can be completed quickly and purposefully as, on the new homepage, SAP aggregates contextual information in real time from diverse process areas in the so-called tiles – a central design element in the Fiori Launchpad. The user is kept informed and steered towards their pending tasks without having to start individual menu items as an extra step. 

Are applications from SAP available?

There are now over 11,400 Fiori Apps available from SAP enabling the operation of business processes in this way. An overview is available in theFiori Library, structured thematically and according to backend-system type. SAP provides three types of App:

Transactional apps

These enable the user to execute business processes in a simplified representation on mobile devices and desktop computers wherever they are. Examples include bookings in logistics, creation and approval of requests (e.g. absences), the recording of job performance (e.g. services).


These apps show factsheets on key data and make it possible to get detailed information on individual objects via drill-down functions. As a rule, multiple factsheets linked to each other exist within an application. They allow a quick overview of various process areas – comparable with reports on a special topic.

Analytical apps

These execute complex analyses of large amounts of data in real time and illustrate the results together in an easily understandable compressed form (often graphically). Examples include sales reports or breakeven analyses in controlling. Individual key performance indicators (KPIs) can be modelled or existing pre-defined indicators can be utilized.

Why use mobile apps with SAP Fiori?

With SAP Fiori the focus is on the user. Using responsive technology the interfaces of the apps adapt individually to the end-device, create a new user experience and free your employees from the complex dialogues found in SAP Standard.

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Consistent – central data management (single point of truth)


Processes run faster, for example through timely authorizations


Displays are optimized automatically for various devices


Data security is maintained


Multiple functions can be collated in a single interface, which is often the first step in making meaningful mobile work at all possible

Any time

Independent of device type employees can access relevant data whenever they want and wherever they are
wann und wo

User friendly

Graphical presentations (diagrams, tables, pictures) can be integrated easily


Multiple data sources can be orchestrated in a single application

What are the technical requirements for SAP Fiori?

Most current SAP systems already have all the requirements necessary to implement SAP Fiori. Access to the ERP system takes place via the SAP Gateway. This is the frontend server which functions as a type of middleware between the Fiori app and the ERP system. Web enquiries from the apps are converted into “SAP language” and data is exchanged with the ERP system. Further requirements are

  • SAP HANA database or any DB (database) for selected apps
  • SAP NetWeaver (NetWeaver 7.4 is recommended) front and backend components
  • SAP-Business-Suite-Product (Fiori APP)
  • SAP Web Dispatcher (optional)
  • SAP HANA, Platform-Edition (with the use of SAP HANA Apps)
  • SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite (with the use of SAP HANA Apps)

SAP Gateway can be operated as a separate system but also installed as part of an ERP system. The choice of the most optimal Gateway deployment option is dependent on the specific project.

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