Efficient knowledge transfer with Scheer and SAP Enable Now


The challenge

Independent of format, time and place it’s important to provide employees with exactly the information they need to work successfully.  

SAP Enable Now enables the simple and efficient creation of diverse application aids, training and learning materials to give individual support. Productivity, user acceptance and user friendliness will be improved, gaps in knowledge in a specific situation closed and in this way support with fast changing processes is also ensured.     

Every employee has different prior knowledge and capabilities. Standard training sessions, which cost time and resources and offer exactly the same for each participant, are no longer an adequate solution for the quick and flexible transfer of knowledge. Companies must meet this challenge and support various types of training and further education whether it be needs-based application help for a particular situation at the workplace, simulations or live in-app training sessions.  

Comprehensive collaborative solutions that support and reduce the workload with ease for specialist tutors, trainers and personnel departments are also often missing for combating the fast growing administrative workload necessary to generate the ever increasing diversity of content which also needs to be regularly up-dated, administered and provided to users on a needs-must basis.

With Scheer GmbH and SAP Enable Now you have the rights tools at hand to train yourself and your employees and to prepare for the challenges presented by digitization!

The Solution

Say goodbye to conventional classroom training sessions with outdated training documentation and say hello with Scheer and SAP Enable Now to needs-based application aids, simulations and live in-app training sessions. Provide your employees the information they need in exactly the right place at exactly the right time with SAP Enable Now. Allow your employees to learn exactly what they need to know for their jobs at their own workstation.        

Induction training times for new employees and employees with new tasks to perform can be shortened through contextually relevant help delivered directly at the workstation – in the system in use or at the machine being supervised. One side-effect is to alleviate the workload of the support team through reductions in requests arising from a lack of knowledge of the application in use.


The single-source solution from SAP delivers the most varied outputs from only a single entry in the system. Put precisely: you record a process just once in the system and subsequently it will be automated as a simulation. Documentation, a test plan and (in-app) performance support will be issued and saved in a structured knowledge database. This approach eases the workload on your employees when creating content and saves resources. 


The benefits to you

  • Targeted and needs-based training directly at the workstation 
  • Shorter induction training times for new employees thanks to contextual help on site.  
  • Significant time savings with the creation of various training formats from only a single source 
  • Development of a knowledge database without additional effort 
  • Automation of localizations and updates to training content 
  • SCORM compatible 
  • Enhanced functionality for the recording, editing and preview of content 
  • Graphic pattern recognition and APIs simplify the identification of objects  
  • In-app help always relates specifically to the application in use – only what is needed is shown   
  • Available on-premise or as a cloud solution  as appropriate to your system landscape  

Holger Matzick

Consulting, HCM

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