SAP Commerce Cloud

With SAP Commerce Cloud, the leading Omni-channel-commerce solution, we have a solution for you with which you can offer your customers a consistent shopping experience across all channels. In addition, combined with the Marketing Cloud, we enable you to provide your customers with individual, tailor-made offers in real time using contextual marketing.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Using modular components the leading Commerce Cloud from SAP offers all the functions necessary to make a successful start in the omni-channel world.

  • B2C and B2B scenarios across all channels – from stationary to mobile
  • Product content Management (also known as master data management (MDM) or product information management (PIM))
  • Order Management
  • Marketing conversion as well as
  • High performance search and merchandizing functions

Why choose the SAP Commerce Cloud?

  • Ready for Omni-Channel: whether web-shop, branch, call-centre and mobile… with SAP Commerce Cloud you are prepared for any scenario!
  • Scalability: start small – become big! With the high performance, agile and open architecture and technology you can integrate new features and solutions flexibly as well as cope with ever increasing volume.
  • Start immediately: with the SAP Commerce Accelerators projects can be implemented in just a few months. Solutions for B2B and B2C, as well as for single regions and sectors, are available pre-configured

SAP Marketing Cloud

With the SAP Marketing Cloud it is possible to deposit customer data from widely differing sources in a single data base. On the basis of this data, customer profiles are continually and automatically updated in real time with structured and unstructured data.

The SAP marketing platform includes, amongst others, data on user behaviour in the web-shop, opened e-mail newsletters and campaign content accessed etc.

The permanent actualization of customer data (in real-time) and the availability of the data in one place makes possible the 1-2-1, or 360°, communication with each individual customer in a context relating directly to their activities

The marketing platform works in parallel with the SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP C/4HANA.

We offer solutions, business and IT competence from a single source!

  • Scalable solutions – fit for each level of complexity
  • Integration – through connectivity with the existing company environment
  • Individuality: through needs based composition of the right individual solutions
  • Practice know-how – for the operative design of e-commerce business
  • Project experience – with planning, development, go-live and roll-out
  • Technological know-how: for the development of future enabled architectures.

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