Successful customer relationships with SAP CRM and SAP C/4HANA

Increasing market globalization is raising the pressure on competitiveness and requires the re-orientation of customer processes. In order to separate themselves from their competitors, companies must provide all employees concerned with the relevant customer information promptly. In doing this, integrating data from existing SAP ERP solutions represent a particular challenge.
Let us demonstrate to you the possibilities of integrated SAP CRM and SAP C/4HANA software.



Customers are your most valuable resource. Only if you win new customers regularly, your best customers commit to you and you permanently increase customer satisfaction, can you ensure the long-term success of your company.
To ensure professional customer management, CRM 7.0 from SAP offers a solution with which you can design your marketing, sales and service processes even more efficiently.
SAP® CRM 7.0 has been on the market since April 2008 and has been implemented by many thousands of companies worldwide. Since then, useful enhancement packages (EHP1 – EHP4) with new functionalities have been launched: they remain however largely unused.
The following functions can be configured in SAP CRM 7.0 with little effort:


  • Simple duplicate checks measurably increase the quality of your customer master data
  • With a fuzzy search and SAP® Enterprise Search you will find the right data in SAP CRM faster
  • Social Media Integration offers an enhanced view of your customers
  • New functions in Outlook-Integration enable SAP CRM to fit in better to your daily work routine.


The new cloud-based CRM solution from SAP combines user friendliness with flexibility and integrates seamlessly into your exiting SAP system landscape. Users from sales, service and marketing benefit from a modern solution accessible from smartphones and tablets. See how easily your company can profit from the benefits of SAP C/4HANA.


We support you with the design and optimization of your CRM processes and show you how you can more effectively control sales, service and marketing.


We implement SAP CRM and SAP C/4HANA for you so that you can benefit from the advantages of a complete solution that integrates perfectly into your existing SAP ERP system landscape.


With mobile solutions we can show you how to supply your field salesforce with the correct information at any time.


Interdisciplinary project teams support you with the integration of your SAP CRM // C4C solution and with SAP ERP and SAP BI systems. Our sector experts offer you solutions tailor made for your company.


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