Customer Experience Suite

Your customers‘ expectations and their decision-making processes when buying have been radically changed by digitization. More than ever the focus must be placed on the customer who must be inspired by you across every sales channel.
SAP C/4HANA makes possible the seamless integration of every customer-oriented process and in so doing creates a unique customer experience!

Included Solutions

Create a customer journey based on empathy and trust with SAP C/4HANA, the industry-leading cloud solution portfolio that will help your company to be innovative, integrative and agile.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Reach your customers where they want to be reached!

Bundle and combine all your customer data and still reach out to each one individually – that is modern marketing. Create complex segmentation out of millions of datasets in seconds and reach each customer in the preferred channel. Control your campaigns and their implementation centrally in the marketing cloud! Interact from here with your customers and capture their reactions automatically – you have a closed loop across different channels.      

The SAP Marketing Cloud supports you with more than just the straightforward, dynamic development of your customer segments. The right choice of channel and timing for your communications can also be supported by machine learning. That is marketing with the SAP Marketing Cloud.   

Individual and personalized – for greater demand and growth. 

The benefits to you

  • Dynamic contact profile 
  • Segmentation 
  • Campaign and marketing analyses  
  • Lead management and accumulation  
  • Better understanding of customers through advanced analysis tools with machine learning 
  • Faster reaction times to opportunities in the market (the right offering for the right customer at the right time) 
  • Quick solution implementation in the cloud with pre-prepared integration   
  • Datacentre with the highest levels of security (compliance, backup, …) 

SAP Commerce Cloud

For long-term customer loyalty

Omni-channel? State-of-the art for digital natives because your customers decide for themselves where, when and how they buy and they expect an unlimited, consistent and personalized shopping experience. Online, in the outlet or mobile.    

Integrate every channel and process in order to develop long-term customer loyaltyComprehensive functionality makes contact and interaction with customers possible – everywhere, at any time and on any device.

The benefits to you:

  • B2C and B2B commerce incl. accelerators 
  • Pre-prepared integration 
  • Context-specific messaging of customers about personalized product suggestions, search results and landing pages   
  • Consolidated & consistent product content management 
  • Order management with realtime order and inventory data and capabilities for multiple warehouses and suppliers  
  • Carefree hosting in the cloud („enterprise class“) 
  • Quick time-to-market and high scalability

SAP Sales Cloud

Always there, where your customers are!

Verkaufskanäle verschieben sich, Meinungen werden im Internet in Sekundenschnelle ausgetauscht.

Sales channels shift, views are exchanged in seconds in the internet.  

The ability to react fast is required.  

Your sales team needs the right information and customer data everywhere and at any time. Sell more effectively and more efficiently – SAP Sales Cloud supports your sales cycle tailored to your needs across every phase. It combines being user friendly with flexibility and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing SAP landscape. Users from your sales, service and marketing departments benefit from a modern solution available also on smartphones and tablets.    

The benefits to you:

  • Sales automation
  • Sales performance management  
  • Intelligent sales 
  • Increased sales through mobility 
  • Part of a comprehensive customer experience suite
  • Pre-prepared integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA 
  • Gains in productivity through machine learning in sales and service 
  • GDPR compliant hosting in Germany 
  • Mobile apps with industry leading offline capability 

SAP Service Cloud

Simply help!

The setup of your service organization is a major factor in the success of all your CRM activities. Your customers expect exceptional service before, during and after their purchase.  

Set yourself apart from your competition and increase your sales by answering customer enquiries across all channels quickly and simply, react to customer complaints appropriately at all times and in so doing keep your customers satisfied at all stages of the customer relationship. Important building blocks in the solution are self-service portals for customers, modern ticket management with user friendly, intuitive user interfaces and integrated field service controls.

The benefits to you:

  • AI chatbot 
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Knowledge database 
  • Offline mobility 
  • Crowd-service 
  • AI dispatching 
  • Customer self-service 

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