Business process management
From strategy to day-to-day business

In an environment dynamic in its customers, markets and political-social frameworks, companies and institutions must be prepared to act faster than ever. Effective business process management is the tool to develop, expand and adapt business processes efficiently and flexibly.


Strategic business process management operationalizes company targets and so supports the company strategy.

Organisation describes the important area of co-ordinating process oriented targets, responsibilities and employee tasks.

Process knowledge is introduced and anchored in the organization through communication and qualification.

An integrated company architecture makes possible the overall optimization of processes, IT, organization, performance, risk and products amongst others.

Process infrastructure and tools create the necessary foundation and make available efficient instruments for the management of processes.

Process controlling enables the active control of value creation on the basis of process figures.

Our proven procedure model

  • Status and requirements: critical success factors and significant requirements for business process management are clarified and agreed
  • Setting objectives: the operative framework for targets, performance, architecture, organisation, processes, tools and controlling is defined
  • Implementation: realization of the target concept in companies and organization, control and support for various business process aspects
  • Project and operations related progress and success control

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