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Companies and company IT departments are currently facing significant challenges. Alongside the requirements for digitization the IT landscape finds itself with differing systems for the same application scenario and frequently the company’s IT cannot react fast enough.

These are just a few examples of the pain-points in IT. For the company’s management and representatives of specialist areas in the business there is often a complete lack of transparency over what their colleagues in IT actually do and they question the degree of maturity and performance capability that the company’s IT possesses.


The role and maturity of IT

Because IT is vital for the survival of a business the need for action is acute in many cases. Scheer Management Consulting can shine a light into the darkness, identify the areas for action in the company’s IT and propose concrete steps to optimize the situation and, if so desired, accompany the implementation.

One advantage of Scheer GmbH’s innovation network is that during implementation projects the Management Consulting team can be supported by specialists for Innovation Technology Research, IT Infrastructure, software development and for ERP software.

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Digital Future

Your challenges

The progressive penetration of information technologies into every area of human life requires a targeted IT strategy and effective control of IT by companies and organisations. In addition IT organizations and processes must be geared optimally towards the needs of the company (business IT alignment). The enterprise architecture, the interplay between IT (data, applications, IT infrastructure as well as the integration of IT) and business processes must be mastered.

The common goal

    • IT-Strategy:
      setting the agenda for long-term IT development.
    • Business-IT-Alignment:
      optimal adaptation of IT to the requirements of the organization and its business activities.
    • IT Portfolio Management:
      effective control of the IT project portfolio and choice of appropriate IT services.
    • IT Process Management:
      effective and efficient development of IT processes amongst others based on COBIT and ITIL and shaping the innovation strength of IT.
    • IT architecture Management:
      targeted choice of the right IT building blocks and their interplay with business processes
    • IT governance: determining IT governance rules and committees and the role of IT in the company.

Our methodology

Scheer has developed an IT management procedure model already proven many times in practice. 

The 4 phases of the procedure model represent a continuous process of optimization and transformation:

  1. Requirements and starting position analysis 
  2. Target status design
  3. Project planning 
  4. Project implementation 

The 12 IT Domains

  1. Business Needs / Business- IT-Alignment 
  2. Role of IT & IT Governance 
  3. IT Innovation & Digitization 
  4. IT Projects & IT Services 
  5. IT Sourcing 
  6. IT Processes 
  7. IT Organization 
  8. IT Skills 
  9. IT Performance & Cost Control
  10. IT Architecture 
  11. IT Security / IT Compliance
  12. Commercialization of IT 

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