The energy and utilities industry finds itself in a state of change. Now that significant waves of demerging and break up have been completed, the focus of future oriented utility company leadership is being placed on value orientation, resource efficiency and sustainable management. What is required is process optimization, cost reduction, satisfying the increased requirements of one’s own personnel, the organization, or rather management, of company mergers, to become SMART and to maintain competitive and market positioning.

Viewing the energy revolution as an opportunity, and not just a challenge, is the key to success. Market demands and regulatory frameworks, but also customer expectations are changing constantly. Innovative smart energy business models, optimized and, if possible, digitized business processes, as well as the more efficient use of resources are key factors in sustainable competitiveness and economic success.

Our all-encompassing view, from strategy over transformation right up to implementation, paired with proven sector and methodological know-how make Scheer GmbH your ideal partner for benefiting successfully from the potential of the energy revolution.

Our service portfolio

  • Asset Management & Asset Service for network operators: all-encompassing approach from strategic re-orientation over specialist and process consultancy up to IT implementation
  • Sales management/product development/CRM: Sales strategy, portfolio management and forecasting, product development and dynamic pricing models and customer management
  • Business process management and IT consulting: optimization and harmonization of processes and IT systems
  • SAP consultancy/implementation of SAP technologies: S/4HANA, IS-U, Common layer as well as implementation and optimization of BI solutions (SAPBW, BO and HANA)
  • Smart energy: specialist and technological concepts for AMI, smart metering, smart grids, e-mobility and flexible invoicing models
  • Solutions for monitoring critical processes such as market communications, network build and requirements management
  • Implementation of customer self-service portals and apps for optimizing of customer processes

Research projects


Resilient local networks are being researched and realized exemplarily. These are characterized through robust network operations that can react to volatility in the supply of decentralized renewable energy sources as well as unpredictable events up to and including cyber-attacks.

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Design network

Projects such as Design network: building block energy revolution – from individual solutions to efficient systems for the future are intended to show ways in which future oriented, secure and efficient energy supplies can act as a form of user manual for the energy revolution. The consortium under the leadership of RWE is one of five winning consortia in the research program Window on intelligent Energy – Digital Agenda for the energy revolution (SINTEG).

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Smart Cities

Scheer is leading the largest body of work in the entire project with the support of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) on the subject of “IKT-building block and integrated data and services platform (IBIDAT)”. The IKT-building blocks and the service platform with cascading data hubs are the decisive connecting links for the success of the energy revolution as the volatility in the production and use of renewable energy can only be reduced, and become more stable and predictable, through the exchange of measurement, network and flexibility data between participants and systems. This makes it necessary that all participants are willing to exchange their data at differing levels procedurally.

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Jürgen Merkel

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