Telecommunications in a state of change

The telecommunications market finds itself in a state of dramatic change. New suppliers and solutions are pushing their way into the market and are forcing the network operators in particular to a change of strategy. Traditional constellations and structures are changing almost daily – only minimal growth can be expected with one’s own network or with standard products. In an age of wholesale or bundled offerings the pure establishment of a voice or data connections is increasingly losing significance, even in business management. With prices for the pure transmission of voice or data in free-fall customer expectations for new high quality communications are increasing. The long held dominance of one’s own network capacity is reducing in significance and older business models are no longer capable of providing for expected growth. A fundamental re-think needs to take place, especially by European telco companies. Communication requirements, previously at home in the worlds of visionaries and science-fiction, have long since arrived in companies and organisations. Nowadays experts regard the bundling of all information channels such as voice, email, SMS and instant messaging as the most basic of communications tasks – independent of location and end-device used. The trigger for this is the fundamental trend to All-IP which combines all information on the basis of the globally used internet protocol. The development of new business models based on digitization to ensure sustainable competitiveness is indispensable.

Challenges for the telecommunications sector

Alongside every type of voice and data service, telecommunication solutions in companies are commonplace. The market is however changing continually and ever more new products, solutions and brands are being introduced. The need to offer solutions permanently in line with market requirements with an efficient price-performance ratio requires a great deal of effort in both time and personnel.

Scheer GmbH is familiar with these challenges and with its integrated consultancy approach covers all areas necessary for the dynamic and future oriented design of your company.

Our offer

We offer dedicated sector expertise combined with a wealth of experience in generic strategy, management, process and IT consultancy. Our aim is the effective and efficient implementation of your business strategy and plans. In this, the optimization of your business processes is our main focus.

We support telecomms companies with the integrated implementation of strategic and operative topics. In particular focus are:

  • The development of sales excellence strategies with concrete relevance to processes and actions: conception and development of marketing and sales processes.
  • Business process management and IT consulting: optimization and harmonization of processes and IT systems.
  • Sales management / product development / CRM: fibre-optic technology, UMTS
  • SAP consultancy and implementation: S/4HANA, IS-U, common layer as well as the implementation of BI solutions (SAP BW, BO and HANA)
  • (SAP) CRM implementation and optimization, sales management (interim management and project based optimization)
  • Development of planning and control systems for sales tasks.
  • Development and accompaniment of change management
  • Implementation of business process management
  • Implementation of customer self-service portals and apps for the optimization of customer processes
Jürgen Merkel

Jürgen Merkel

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