Manufacturing industry
Digitization of business processes

Ensure sustainable competitiveness through the realization of your digitization potential. We advise manufacturing companies (plant and machinery, automobiles and electronics) from strategy to the implementation of tailor made, sector specific solutions. Our sector and technology experts will show you new concepts and solutions making use of best practice reference models and IT technology expertise (SAP, Scheer PAS).

Advancing globalization, market dynamics and intense pressure on innovation with ever more complex products and business structures are the central challenges of manufacturing industry. Maintaining and building on a leading position in the plant and machinery, automobile and electronics sectors is essential.

A major success factor in mastering these challenges is the extent of digitization in business processes.

  • How can process efficiency be increased through the use of new technological possibilities in the area of Industry 4.0 and SAP?
  • Which requirements must be fulfilled in, for example, efficient master data management and the right degree of IT system integration and harmonization?
  • Which new, lucrative business models can be tapped into?

Digital transformation

Transformation projects for the digitization of business processes with a focus on smart production and smart logistics


Process design & analysis

Process management, (process analysis, harmonization and optimization) making use of IPR best practice reference models


Process Platform

Implementation, further development and operation of SAP solutions as well as the realization of new potential benefits through the implementation of SAP S/4HANA


Process execution

Scheer PAS as a user friendly platform for the digitization of manual processes

What we offer you:

Management Consulting and Business Process Management

We support you with successful transformation management in respect of digitization and the analysis, harmonization and optimization of your processes. Together with you we run process oriented evaluations of software solutions and accompany you with implementation in terms of coaching as well as quality assurance.

Process oriented SAP consultancy

Tap into the new potential afforded by SAP HANA and S/4HANA. We offer you support from a HANA assessment, over the process oriented implementation of HANA solutions up to operation and hosting.

Accelerate the speed of your projects and ensure long-term success with Discrete.PerformanceREADY by Scheer, a pre-configured SAP solution which, to your advantage, combines sector know-how and process models created in ARIS.

Shopfloor Management

Together with our partners we offer a comprehensive solution portfolio for the optimized control of your manufacturing or assembly operations as well as intralogistics. We ensure the consistency of SAP through to machine level as well as the integration of internal transport operations.

Additional areas for optimization

Whether your concern is mobility, user experience (UX) or classic process optimization topics (incl. SAP solutions) such as collaborative supply chain management, master data management, warehouse management, order change, complexity management or service management – please speak to us.


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