Chemical Industry
Profitable growth, increased efficiency and security in unison

The chemical industry and its challenges

The chemical industry is one of the most multi-facetted of sectors with even more diverse challenges. Its products are an integral part of our daily lives and in addition an important basis for the manufacturing of products in many companies.

Portfolio re-alignment

To safeguard a sustainable future, product portfolios are being re-aligned. Today’s customer is searching for individual, but low cost, products and services with high added value. At the same time solutions are being sought that contribute, for example, to reductions in energy usage and the conservation of resources.

Increasing complexity

The shifting of sales markets to growth regions requires forward looking investments, the efficient management of raw materials as well as a strong network with other companies. As a result, chemical industry business models are becoming more complex with long lasting changes in competitive structures.

Operative Excellence

At an operational level the requirements for flexibility and speed of company processes are increasing as well as for the scalability of technological platforms. Of main importance in this is adhering to compliance guidelines and also paying attention to current trends such as mobility and Industry 4.0.

Optimize your processes

In order to meet these requirements companies require the flexible and efficient design of their processes.

Scheer GmbH understands these challenges and covers all areas with the integrated consulting approach needed for the dynamic and future oriented organization of your company.

As specialists for excellent processes in the chemical industry we can advise you on the following topics:

  • Investigation and implementation of digital capability
  • Business process management in core sector processes
  • Increases in efficiency in logistics processes
  • Improvement in stock control and stock monitoring
  • Faster market launches due to optimization of development processes and the supply chain
  • Management of process quality and process performance
  • Accompaniment of merger & acquisition / carve out projects
  • Harmonization of IT systems
  • PLM intergation (product lifecycle management)

Our service portfolio:

  • Process based implementation of sector solutions based on SAP ERP & SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management
  • Implementation of SAP solutions for the areas of QM, EHSM, RD/RM
  • Launch of SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
  • Vertical integration towards the shop-floor. (e.g. „weighing dialogue“)

With Chemical.PerformanceREADY by Scheer we have digitized our consultancy experience in business process management with our SAP and IT know-how based on SAP Best Practices and Scheer Best Practices.

The content is a core building block in the quick and secure implementation of projects supported by our transformation methods and integrated into our process driven IT/SAP procedure model.

  • Ensuring the conformity of procedures and IT systems with regulatory requirements such as GxP or SOX
  • Improvement in stock control and stock monitoring
  • Integrated master data management
  • Management of process quality and process performance
  • Accompaniment of merger & acquisition / carve out projects
  • Harmonization of IT systems

Development of individual solutions based on Scheer PAS


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