Business Intelligence & Planning

Make sound business decisions

Business Intelligence solutions support companies to make decisions based on sound data.

Increasingly, planning solutions that utilize system supported BI functionality are coming to the fore. Included in this are revenue and turnover planning. New forecasting technologies (“predictive analysis”) can support users with their business processes. Joining classic reporting requirements such as sales statistics, balance sheet demarcation or break even analyses are more complex forecasts such as customer churn or target audience analyses and the use of mobile analysis environments.

The interaction between BI and planning requires the integration of these solutions in companies and organizations. BI and planning solutions must be positioned as integrative in their relations to the various conflicting areas. Belonging to these conflicting areas are strategic, specialist, technical and organisational aspects, the ignoring of which carries the danger of the too one-sided positioning of BI and planning solutions. During the running of a project or in the lifecycle of BI and planning solutions, serious disadvantages for business performance can arise out of this, ranging from technical inadequacies to acceptance problems in the company or organization.

Consultancy competence

We regard BI as an integrative topic that can be rounded off by technical innovations such as our HANA services, which make possible a significant optimization of performance and the implementation of real-time analyses. This way we can generate significant added value for our customers and the potential for new benefits for the challenges in BI and planning.

The optimal combination of your individual requirements and the possibilities afforded by standard software is the aim in BI and planning projects. We offer our customers expert knowledge in specialist, architectural, organizational and methodological BI perspectives.

Our Mission

We show our customers the potential for new benefits and accompany them as a partner in their implementation.


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