Business Process Management

Our range of services

Process oriented control

Establish key performance data in order to control the performance of the processes most important to your BPM strategy.
Start with identifying internal and external benchmarks and implement „best practice solutions“ in critical process areas.

Communication & knowledge development

Develop communication and qualification measures in order to embed „process thinking“ into your organization.

Process infrastructure & tools

Define process standards, methodologies and approaches and ensure transparency and synergies between individual business units

Continous improvements in performance

Initiate process improvement projects (pilot projects) which have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and product launch times.

Process goals & strategy

Establish BPM as a management discipline: operationalize your business goals in so doing support the implementation of your business strategy.

Process organisation

Develop a professional BPM skills centre and define clear process responsibilities.
Start your BPM activities initially in process areas with strong customer orientation and in product development.

Integrated business architecture

Define an integrated business architecture in order to standardize and align processes and IT systems.

Tried and tested Scheer approach for the implementation and development of business process management


The 4 phases of the procedural model as a continuous process of improvement:





Situation analysis: clarification of status-quo and requirements and goals for process management

Conception: design of target status as an operational framework for BPM (architecture, organization, main processes, tools and project planning)

Implementation: create a process map, model processes, ensure quality, complete results documentation

Performance review: monitoring of results, milestones and follow-up of activities 

Your challenges

In a dynamic environment of customers, markets and socio-political parameters companies and institutions must be able to act faster than ever before. High performance business process management is the tool for developing, building on and adapting business processes efficiently and flexibly.

The common goal

The Process Management team provides you with agile process management systems which ensure your ability to adapt processes dynamically and guarantee the optimal balance of process optimization and process flexibilization.

Our methodology

We take the following approach: Status and requirements: agree on critical factors for success and significant BPM requirements. Conception of target status: setting an operative framework for goals, performance, architecture, organization, processes, tools and controls. Implementation: realization of a target concept in the company and its organization, control and support of various business process aspects. Review of progress and performance relating to the project and to operations.


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