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The Scheer Academy creates a didactic learning concept for its customers which integrates the knowledge of employees and senior managers about new topics and business processes in alignment with their strategic requirements.

Three pre-requisites are required for an optimal learning program: the creation of an ideal learning experience for the learner consists of the learning journey, the digital and physical touch-points with which the learner interacts and the environments (including the digital one) experienced by the learner during their program.

The phases in a training project

The consultants at the Scheer Academy analyse the learning objectives and the training required for each role and create a tailor-made training concept for each customer. Together with the customer we design the learning pathways for differing roles, choose the specialist topics and agree on the form of training, for example blended learning. Subsequently, either existing standardized training modules are implemented or courses are developed individually for the customer. Following the customer’s approval we conduct the training sessions for the employees. After the training has been delivered we monitor its effectiveness and adapt the training plans or training modules accordingly. Following the training sessions a knowledge data base is made available to the employees.

During an SAP implementation project the Scheer Academy prepares the project participants and future users for the project. In line with the transformation roadmap defined by the customer, the Academy communicates the knowledge required for each project phase during the project. Project participants, end-users and IT staff receive exactly the information they need at the time they need it. Following an assessment of the learning effectiveness of the qualification measures the requirements for training are re-examined and the training conceived once again so that the formal transfer of knowledge can be completed as appropriate for the go-live and the hyper-care phase.

So that employees can access changes in business processes during daily operations a knowledge library is made available to them in which they have access to e-learning, context sensitive help, guided tours and process performance support. In this way they can access the knowledge they need, even after the projects have run.


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