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Studying for the digital transformation

Companies are undergoing constant change with effects reaching from business processes to work procedures executed on a daily basis. Employees need to be familiarized in ever faster cycles with increasing digitization and the use of innovative technologies.

For this reason specific learning processes and targeted learning practices are necessary in order to impart information on innovations quickly and efficiently to those employees that need it.

The further education and training modules offered by the Scheer Academy use modern training methods and innovative forms of knowledge transfer: classroom training is replaced with, or supplemented by, digital learning concepts. For example, learners using e-learning can gain the knowledge they need in self-study programs independent of time and place under the supervision of an e-tutor. Building on this approach they deepen their knowledge in a virtual classroom or in actual classroom sessions with an expert using case studies and exercises.

The Scheer Academy supports its customers in the efficient dissemination of knowledge about changes in the organization, so that employees can apply these changes faster and with greater confidence.

Knowledge has long since established itself as the decisive factor in an organization’s competitiveness.
Companies need to adapt themselves constantly and quickly to change. For this reason the “learning organization” and “lifelong learning” are the foundations of the ability to keep pace with constant advances in knowledge.

– Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer

Blended Learning

In this new format we combine and connect the benefits of differing didactic teaching materials taken from classroom training sessions and e-learning modules. In this way we maximize efficiencies in time and cost for the training sessions for our participants and at the same time guarantee high quality learning and sustainable knowledge transfer. The combination of differing learning concepts in various training formats forms the basis of the durable transfer of knowledge and its use in practice.


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