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A career makes you feel good. Take control of yours.

Development at Scheer Management follows defined career levels. Every level sees an increase in responsibility for project implementation, acquisitions or subject development, depending on a person’s individual priority. You largely determine the speed of your own development, based on your knowledge, your performance and your potential. If you satisfy the requirements specified for a career level, then you satisfy the key requirement for promotion to this level. If you reach the highest career level, you will have the opportunity to become a partner and shareholder in Scheer Management GmbH.

Make sure you get on. We’ll tell you how to do it.

The annual staff appraisal plays a central role in career development. This is when you receive detailed feedback on your performance. Because it is only people who can assess their own strengths and weaknesses, who can lay the foundation for their further development. We consider objectivity and transparency to be very important in this respect. As well as evaluating the objectives set with your line manager, the aim of the staff appraisal is to agree new objectives and to specify your personal development requirements. Our development programme provides you with all the support you need.


You will apply our approaches to solving problems as part of your project work and become more and more experienced in your specialist areas of consultancy. You will support clients on site in the design, development and implementation of our solutions. You will assist in deriving strategic objectives, creating designs, process analyses and documentation and make an important contribution to successful client meetings, workshops and presentations. Your work will focus on the benefits to clients. You will learn something crucial every day. You will take on more responsibility and continually improve your technical and methodological expertise. At Scheer Management, we do not simply throw you in at the deep end. We introduce you to matters relating to projects and consultancy, one step at a time. You will therefore work hand-in-hand with experienced colleagues in providing services to our clients.

Senior Consultant

As Senior Consultant, as well as taking responsibility for certain areas, you will also manage sub-projects and your own smaller projects, according to your experience. For us, client satisfaction is paramount. Your consultancy experience will enable you to achieve high-quality results with the whole project team. You will understand your clients’ strategic and technical requirements and will work with them as equal partners to discuss solutions to their problems. Your objective is to deliver a measurable service to the client, which helps them to organise their business with greater success. You will enhance our services, products and methods in a way that is client and project-specific. You will also take on sales and marketing responsibilities.

Principal Consultant / Manager

You will be committed to gaining expertise and technical management skills and be willing to take responsibility in projects. As a rule, you will manage a number of projects in parallel, right through to fully controlling major projects. You will also use your acquisitive skills to contribute towards the company’s success. You will ensure that our clients are satisfied, that the right jobs have been completed to a high standard at the right time and that a good chemistry is maintained between clients and our project team. You will be responsible for mentoring junior colleagues, as well as for technical matters and, as an expert, you will develop new consultancy approaches and services.

Senior Manager

As Senior Manager, you are truly an all-rounder. A committed entrepreneur within the company, so to speak. You can also be responsible for managing and developing business units, with associated responsibility for members of staff. You will be an overall project manager and will develop your own field of consultancy in your specialist areas. You will be in charge of key regular clients and will expand your own client base. You will support the client and help them to strategically and successfully develop their business. The client’s success is your success. Your years of professional experience will help you to act as a professional project and key account manager. With your highly developed technical and methodological expertise, not only will you ensure that projects run smoothly and produce high-quality results, you will also have vision as regards developing consultancy products for existing and future clients.

Rosemarie Clarner

Rosemarie Clarner

Human Resources

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