Scheer Holding

Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, professor for business informatics who invented the ARIS concept, and successful entrepreneur, founded Scheer Group GmbH as network of strong-growing IT- companies. High quality, innovative strength and a clear focus on customer value distinguish their products and services. Close cooperation with science and research enhance the innovative strength of the different companies and open up new markets. As sole shareholder of Scheer Group GmbH, Scheer holds significant shares of the different companies within the group and at the same time emphasizes the entrepreneurial power of the start-up management. Scheer Group focuses on small and medium business units.

Joint efforts for better results

Scheer Group represents the reliable roof over the company network. The group supports and strengthens cooperation between the companies in the network not only to increase the added value for customers but also to pave the way into new markets. Scheer Group especially encourages the associated companies – which origin from German-speaking countries – in their international activities, and when founding new companies as spin-off from the network.

Dr. Scheer supports Scheer Group through his longtime experience and knowledge of the IT industry; he intends to bring together the best ideas and clever minds behind them within the Scheer Group network. The aim is to support the growth of the companies with a clear focus on generating added-value for customers.