Keynote : Prof. Scheer at BPM Forum 2017, Moscow

April,12 | Moscow, Russia


At the BPM forum of our partner, Logika BPM in Moscow with the title “Mission Possible 2017”, more than 200 members of TOP 400 Russian and CIS companies, from business- and IT directors to process analysts, participated.
During this event, Prof. Scheer held a keynote about the new development of process control in Industry 4.0.

Artificial intelligence has been a debated term for about 20 years – now it becomes a reality in the enterprise. In future, robots will support people in their office work and in many other cases. Of course, it is not about robots made of steel but rather the software behind it.This software transfers ERP-inputs and connects different systems. Both approaches promise great potential for rationalization in the future. Other topics of the forum were Management Modernization, Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and also Projects experience.

The event was accompanied by an exhibition and projects experience talks by RZHD, Sberbank, ERG, PGK and the Bank of Russia.


Whitepaper Industry 4.0 – From vision to implementation


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